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Was Iron Maiden’s Final Frontier Their Final Album?

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Iron Maiden Guitarist Hopeful But Not Certain of New Album

Metal’s iconic heavy weights turn 36-years-old in 2011. Hard to imagine that much time has passed for the band who started their legend as part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal back in the late 70’s early 80’s.

Their 2010 effort, The Final Frontier received a Grammy, and marked the band’s 15th studio album. A milestone that band founder, bassist Steve Harris once said was going to be the Maiden’s stopping point. The title of the last album only added fuel to the speculation.

This week, RockNewsDesk.com spoke with the band’s longtime guitarist, Dave Murray, on the status of the band’s future and whether we’d ever see/hear new Iron Maiden material.

Murray gave a perfect politician’s answer; 1 part optimism, 1 part hopeful, and 2 parts vague. “It’s possible there will be another album, but it’s hard to say at the moment,” he said. “It definitely won’t be next year anyway.”

He did say that if there is going to be a new Maiden album in the future, all 6 current band members would have to agree upon it. He also offered that the current line-up, which has been together since the the return of vocalist Bruce Dickson and guitarist Adrian Smith in 1999, would be the band’s final roster.

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