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Rustyn Rose – Owner/Editor

Rustyn Rose – Owner/Editor

July 31, 2016: I have often said that music is oxygen for me; without it I would die. This has been something that has remained true throughout my life. I began writing about music as far back as my high school newspaper. I remember writing early reviews of Van Halen’s first records, and witnessing Alice Cooper’s foray into heavy edged new wave. I owe a great debt of gratitude to KISS, who were the band above all others which stoked my passion for heavy music, and oddly enough kept me away from drugs and alcohol. I even wrote a complete book about Kiss when I was 13. I owe a further debt to Dave Meniketti and Y&T for inspiring me to write about music in the first place after I saw them perform at my high school back in the proverbial day.

Many years after high school, I heard Brian Brinkerhoff of Kerrang Magazine talking on a local radio show. I discovered he lived locally and I took a risk and reached out to him to pick his brain on writing about professionally. We spoke at length, and in his supportive way, he connected me with Andy Hernandez, who ran a local Bay Area music magazine. My first article for Andy and the Informant Magazine covered the first metal Grammy award that embarrassingly went to Jethro Tull. Shortly thereafter I did my first real interview with Steve Whiteman of Kix. Soon, I was Editor of the magazine, and the experience I gained in the late 80s and early 90s has been invaluable.

When grunge emerged the hard rock and metal music scene changed drastically. I walked away from music journalism for 15 years. I returned when I began to feel connected again to many of the new bands that were emerging that I felt understood what heavy music is all about. I began writing for Metalholic almost a decade ago, and I took ownership of it in 2008. For those who are new to Metalholic, we welcome you with horns high. For those who have shared the ride with us, thank you for all the support!

So now, some 35 years after I began writing about music, I have written thousands of reviews; interviewed hundreds of musicians, many I now call friends; and I cannot count the number of concerts I have covered. It has, and continues to be an amazing rock and roll journey.