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Guitar virtuoso Ethan Brosh on Maiden, metal, and more…

Born in America, raised in Israel, and nurtured on heavy metal, Ethan Brosh is one of the greatest young guitarists you’ve likely never heard of. An alumni of the Berklee College of Music, Brosh now teaches at the prestigious school, when he’s not busy playing or recording.

Ethan discovered metal when he got his hands on a copy of Iron Maiden‘s Number of The Beast, and from that point on he became a self-directed metal missile. He even passed his passion on to sister Nili Brosh, herself a guitar goddess also teaching at Berklee, and sometimes member of the Iron Maidens.

In 2009, Ethan released his debut solo effort Out of Oblivion, which featured guest appearances by guitar legends George Lynch, Joe Stump and Greg Howe, and new Dream Theater drummer Mike Mangini. Brosh even managed to get celebrated Iron Maiden artist Derek Riggs to do the artwork for his record.

That same year Brosh connected with drummer Kenny ‘Rhino’ Earl (HolyHell, ex-Manowar) and Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson to form Angels of Babylon. Joining the trio on vocals was David Fefolt (Valhalla). The quartet recorded its debut album Kingdom of Evil, which was released in early 2010. Shortly after Ellefson reunited with Megadeth, and Fefolt left the band. Still, the album was a remarkable return to the sounds of 80’s power metal in the Rainbow, Iron Maiden and Dio fashion.

Rhino, the band’s multi-instrumentalist mastermind and songwriter, along with Brosh are currently working on the sophomore effort, with new bassist Steve Handel. Rhino and vocalist Diego Valdez handled the pipe work in Fefolt’s absence, though Brosh says he is uncertain as yet who will be singing on the new record.

After a few days of back and forth, Ethan and I managed to connect this week to talk about his passion for the guitar, his influences, the Angels of Babylon project, his own solo sophomore CD, and his preferred equipment.

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