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Des Moines and Kansas City Unleash ISAAC JAMES

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What’s In A Name? Everything.

Shut Up and Listen is an absolutely perfect title to the latest release from the band Isaac James. If you’re busy talking during any song on this album, you will definitely be missing the magic. The sophomore release and first full length album from the band continues to bring the high octane energy that the band originally put out on their debut EP,  Too Much Horsepower.

Between the members of the band, there have been two Grammy nominations, and experience playing in front of packed arena’s around the globe. Isaac James live shows are nothing short of pure energy!

Originating out of the Midwest (Des Moines, IA and Kansas City, MO,) the four gents of Isaac James each contribute their gift of creative musicianship to the band. Even the band’s name has a special meaning. By suggestion from his bandmates, the group is named in memory of drummer Joel Ekman’s, (ex-StoneSour) late son Isaac James Ekman, who passed away as a result of cancer. Taking dare of his son is why Ekman chose to step down from StoneSour in 2006.

Frontman Blackie Starks explains that the band, “Originally tried using different band names, but nothing seemed to fit. When we first approached Joel about naming the band after his son, he said “no,” but after sitting down with Joel and his wife to explain how we’d do this as a way to honor Isaac, all of the pieces started to fall into place.” Ekman continues to tear up the skins on the new album and brings his quiet statesmanship to the band.

The haunting, power vocals of frontman/guitarist and Air Force veteran Blackie Starks (ex-Field of Grey) will reach into your soul and shake it to the core. The wizardry of his voice can touch your softer side on the songs “The Rain” and “All Again”, or will have you pumping a metal fist into the air to the tunes “Save My Tomorrow”, “My Sin”, and “Lies and All.”

Guitarist Gil Cole is Canadian born but now resides in Kansas City, Missouri. Cole, who provides backing vocals, along with bass player John Lillard, complete the sway of the band by hammering out licks on the songs “Waiting”, “Dead Inside”, “Taste”, “Life in Eternal Review”, and “The Real Me.” Cole and Lillard continue to keep their friendly personalities grounded, not letting success get to their heads. Both have told me that they honor and support the military and Cole has even completed a private recording of himself playing the National Anthem, a song which he hopes to perform live someday on a USO tour for the troops.

You can read more about the band, find their tour schedule, purchase the albums and/or Isaac James gear at their website The guys can also be found on facebook at

I’ve given you all the information about Isaac James. Now all you have to do is Shut Up and Listen!


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  1. Julie Lang says:

    Enjoyed the garage vids with this as well as th music,…brought back a lot of memories from a minute ago.

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