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CD Review: EDGE ~ Heaven Knows

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Edge_Heaven KnowsEDGE ~ Heaven Knows

Label: Escape Music

Release Date: January 25, 2013

If you are into the AOR Melodic bands and sounds of the late 80’s and early 90’s Edge’s “Heaven Knows” may be right up your alley. Rockin’ out from Sweden, a few of their members have been working in the music scene since the early 90’s which may explain their rut of a sound. I instantly thought of Heart and Genesis while listening to the album and it made me question the ability of this album to really lift past the mediocre sounds.

The album opens with “Little Girl” and immediately I was pulled from the song by the tinny pop of the snare drum. Very distracting, and it overshadows the beautifully layered vocals and rhythms. This recalls a track that Mark Free and Signal might have written back in the late 80s. Sadly it fails to fulfill the promise.

“Nowhere to Hide” features some very heavy riffs and dramatic hits I think will really draw some people into their sound – especially for radio play. Lead vocals by Jonas Forss really are strong and fit the AOR melodic/hair band genre perfectly but unfortunately that genre isn’t in as high demand as it used to be. “Get Over It” features some female vocals that adds some drama to the music that may be another catchy melody but again the sound is very Heart and Whitesnake sounding.

Edge started out with two friends, Forss and Tobias Andersson, who wanted to make music that really took listeners back to when bands made music for simply that; the music! I definitely won’t deny that their sound doesn’t take me back to the days when the power hitting AOR sounds rocked the airwaves and really made people feel the lyrics and the tunes, I just know that is going to be a hard hump to get over if they want to go above and beyond that.

Overall, “Heaven Knows” was just okay – nothing crazy impressive or new sounding that would make me do back flips. Quite a few of their sounds would make awesome soundtrack songs and perfect music for the “listen at work” radio stations but other than that, I didn’t find myself getting lifted about the music. This is the first album for the band so it will be nice to see how they develop their sound.

Rating: 6.5/10


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