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CD Review: BABYLON FIRE ~ Dark Horizons

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babylon-fire_dark-horizons-coverBabylon Fire ~ Dark Horizons 

Label: Rocksector Records

Release Date: November 12, 2012

Babylon Fire, is a  British metal quartet from Manchester. The band’s sound offers a unique blend of different genres a rock. Powered by their Iron Maiden and Five Finger Death Punch influences, there is also plenty of growl and groove influence here too, recalling elements of Pantera, even Machine Head. Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson caught wind of the band and plugged them on his internet radio show which proves that their influences are leading them in the right direction.

The opening track, “Clarion Calls”, kicks in the door with breakneck aggression. Every instrument can be readily identified despite the rapid fire cacophony of roughshod rhythms, rabid riffage and assailing vocals: A true sign of solid production and mixing.

“Blood in Blood out” displays some amazing drumming by Mark Cooper and classic Maiden style guitar riffs that are very catchy and make the song radio accessible. This, along with a few other songs, really pay tribute to the 5FDP sound, which seems to be in high demand right now so the album has the potential to really make people notice. Mark D’s vocals are very hostile and the screams are at a perfect metal level to compliment the melodic tones in each track.

However, about seven tracks into the album I started noticing a lot of repetition with the riffs and with the vocals sounds. There is no doubt you could sing the lyrics to one song along with several other background instrumentals on the album due to the lack of variation: When the sound becomes redundant listeners can become easily bored and turned off, which could hurt some of the better tracks at the end of the album like, “Rise Through Babylon”. This is a real in your face metal sound that true metal heads will flock to, with wailing guitars, and skull crushing stick work. You feel the passion in the vocals and within the hard-hitting drums and guitar riffs!

Overall, I was impressed with the CD and really do side with the band when it comes to them saying they have a mix of different sounds and genres of metal. This is definitely an album worth checking out for the metal heads out there who love the classic double hitting and melodic vocals of old school with a more modern edge.

Rating: 7.8/10

A free mp3 download of the track “Shattered Crown” is immediately available at the Rocksector website:

babylon FireBabylon Fire is:
Ryk Swillo – bass
Rishi Mehta – guitar
Mark Cooper – drums
Mark D – vocals

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